8 Items

8 Items

The Essentail Results Now Kit
USD $250.00 Retail

Includes: To Be At Peace™, Birch Sweet, Ravensara, Marjoram Sweet, Lemongrass, Cypress, Rose Geranium.

8 Essential Oil Blends Kit
USD $250.00 Retail

Take aromatherapy to the next level with a collection of 8 new, specifically formulated essential oil blends that will help support physical and emotional wellness.

Holiday Surprise Diffuser Gift Set
USD $71.43 Retail

Add essential oils to the diffuser to create a warm and welcoming environment to banish school stress!

The "Back To School Diffuser Gift Set" includes:

- Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil

- To Be Well™ Essential Oil Blend

- Essential Oils Diffuser

Aroma Share Club - November 2017
USD $72.00 Retail
Enjoy the fragrant scents of November's Aroma Share Club essential oils! Inspired by North Africa, these oils have a variety of uses.
Children's Blending On-The-Go Kit
USD $107.14 Retail
Treat minor aches, pains, and discomfort with the Children's Blending On-The-Go Kit! Ultra-portable roller bottles travel well and are conveniently color-coded. Each bottle contains pre-blended oils with Jojoba Carrier oil, for simple, quick application - No mixing required!
The Essential Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit
USD $107.14 Retail

Take the 7 Results Now Essential Oils with you wherever you go, with the Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit!

Basic First Aid Oils Kit
USD $141.43 Retail

Experience the natural healing and therapeutic support offered by Youngevity’s Essential Oils in this Basic First Aid Oils Kit.

Create a Perfect Day On-The-Go Kit
USD $107.14 Retail

Create your perfect day with the aromatic oils in this kit.

The Create a Perfect Day On-The-Go Kit includes 10ml pre-diluted roller bottles of:

- Balance of Life™ 5%

- Earth Scent™ 5%

- Good Night™ 5%

- Heaven Scent™ 5%

- Organ Master™ 5%

- Physical Care™ 5%

- XY Blend™ 5%


8 Items

8 Items